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“Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does. It is up to you to give [life] a meaning.” - Jean-Paul Sartre

Freedom is essential to the philosophy of existentialism, as defined by Sartre. However, we are not talking merely of the idea of liberty as freedom from constraints. Condemned to Be Free as the motto of Fall-Winter 2020 defines an absolute emblem of the brand’s character of questioning clichés and social constructs; rejecting the labels people apply to identities to make their own comprehension easier.

Respecting Each x Other’s DNA, a new creative collective* has joined forces with the brand to reinterpret its “Art Meets Fashion” ethos in a more practical and socially involved way:

“Using fabrics not as an actual medium of interpreting the artistic output of our many influences, we instead aim to paint on a wearable canvas the historical impact, social participation, and personalities of those who shaped our perception with their genius. Beyond commemorating their artistic capacities, we want to respect and embrace their human side first; to amplify the commonality of all people through exposing the need to have endless empathy and help those in need.”

Enacting this model for every collection and artistic collaboration going forward, it will not just serve as a commentary on existing issues but give financial support by donating 50 percent of the proceeds to causes selected by Each x Other and its collaborators.

Under the aegis of Co-Founder and Creative Director, Ilan Delouis, Each x Other aims to build a strong movement with those whose personal experiences and intimate worries of our present and future take them on a different path. Those who believe all to be equal by the right of life and whose dreams are larger than fantasies - leading to real action without excuses or doubts.

The Fall/Winter 2020 collection emerged from extensive research on the components and styles that defined the fashion epoch that resulted from the early 2000s pop culture. In merging wearable glamour with refined finishes, sex appeal is used as a metaphor. With a priority on environmental concerns, faux fur and leather materials are utilized exclusively across the range while 2-in-1 products debut in the form of reversible coats, convertible tailoring, and hoodies, t-shirts with unexpected details allowing the pieces to play two completely different roles.


The individual who inspired the Creative Directors is outrageous and noble at the same time. Whose sense of justice is radical and whose personality is sarcastic and cynical, but furthermore naive, childish, and fragile. Whose Spotify includes Philip Glass, Klaus Schulze, N*Sync, and Iron Maiden. One who feels no boundaries, which is the main reason why the essential wardrobe should be flexible, transformable, comfortable, and desirable. An omnipresent personality that shouldn’t be defined in one sentence but plural feelings and memories.


With a mission to democratize luxury, Each x Other has refocused efforts on its direct-to-consumer distribution strategy. In shortcutting the traditional wholesale model, this allows a more accessible price point for customers. Through the brand’s e-shop and exclusive partnerships with retailers like Farfetch, this format also enables a flexible calendar and seasonless approach to their artistic, cause-based collaborations.


Each x Other is a Paris-based fashion label founded in 2012 by Ilan Delouis and Jenny Mannerheim. Its concept is a fusion of two disciplines, “Art Meets Fashion,” and its name “Each x Other” denotes equality of gender and race and the importance of a universal community. The brand believes in the creative power of togetherness: Safe and Warm here, In the Fire of Each Other.

Ilan Delouis - Creative Director
Vaiora Stroganoff - Co-Creative Director
Giordano Straniero - Head of Design
Luna Conte - Photographer

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