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A celebration of love, poetry & Rock n’ Roll

Show location: Café Marly

Each X Other uses the fashion industry as a platform by which artists can reach a wider audience. “Art can feel like a closed medium but with fashion you open the curtain and there is the public”, explain the creative directors Ilan Delouis and Jenny Mannerheim. By fusing art and fashion, Each X Other creates living art that can be worn and circulate ideas in society. It makes art less elitist and more accessible; it democratises it.

The ubiquitous ‘X’ at the heart of Each x Other represents the collaborative aspect of the brand. This season, the design collective collaborate with Each x Other’s in-house artist Robert Montgomery, the poet and filmmaker Greta Bellamacina and the designer Dilara Findikoglu.

Each X Other takes inspiration from a print that Montgomery designed exclusively for the wedding celebration: “SALVAGE PARADISE LOVE IS THE WEATHER DAYDREAMS FOREVER.” The words are printed on limited edition silk suits and dresses, inside linings and on the back of a double-breasted coat. The blues and reds of the print have been used throughout the collection: the azur blue in an animal print jacquard three-piece-suit, and the ruby red in flared trousers and the classic Each X Other striped biker jacket. The two tones are also colour blocked: a red top is tightly bound over a long, owing blue calf-length skirt with a thigh-high slit.

This season, Each X Other returns to Montgomery poem that inspired the brand – “SAFE AND WARM HERE IN THE FIRE OF EACH OTHER.” The poem is embroidered on vests in publishing-house fashion and the words of the print are symbolically suggested through flame-detail embellishments on the hem line of a glam, rock sequinned mini dress in ruby red, and through the flame-like structured collar of a jumpsuit. Flame details also appear on hybrid cowboy boots meet high heels and mid-height mules.

The collective also worked with the Turkish designer Dilara Findikoglu. True to Each X Other’s intellectual and genre-transcending concept, each piece represents a section from Charles Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs Du Mal. The pieces are romantic: handmade ower beading, lace cuffs and black velvet trims adorn ivory heavy silk and satin.

The “art meets fashion” concept of the brand invites Each X Other to participate in the contemporary discussion about gender and its correlation to sex. Typically feminine cuts such as wrap dresses, ruf es and delicate straps are juxtaposed with masculine tailoring: slouchy off-shoulder shirts, asymmetric designs and classic two-piece jersey pyjamas. Light satin fabrics are toughened up with punk accessories: galvanized silver bangles, gold chain bracelets which hang with large silver hoops and leather belts with a hanging strap which synch layers of gathered fabric.

The high stone arches give the venue a church-like feel; the show is a celebration of Robert and Greta’s love. When Greta walks down the aisle-like runway in her wedding dress, it will feel almost like a second marriage. The gothic aspects of the building such as the ornate ceilings also match the romantic style of the looks in the Findikoglu collaboration. The Each X Other girl is laidback, chic and rock n’ roll and this is also reflected in the music. A live rock band play as the models walk down the catwalk, one of whom is the grandson of the rock icon Marianne Faithfull.