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Show location: Hôtel National Des Arts et Métiers

When fashion designer Ilan Delouis and artistic director Jenny Mannerheim founded Each x Other, the duo wanted to combine wardrobe essentials in luxurious fabrics and fine tailoring with artwork and innovative finishes. Each x Other collections are unique, wearable and they democratize art – by collaborating with various renowned artists, the collections brings art out of the gallery and onto the street. The ubiquitous ‘X’ at the heart of Each x Other represents the collaborative aspect of the brand: the collaboration between Delouis and Mannerheim, the androgynous tailoring, and the brand’s core concept – “Art meets Fashion.”

The Inspiration for this season came from the collaborative work of two artists; ROBERT MONTGOMERY has worked his poems into FABIO PALEARI’s flower photography. This collaborative work of FABIO PALEARI & ROBERT MONTGOMERY typifies the hybridity of the brand: it is a delicate balance between subjectivity and objectivity, detached and intimate, glossy and gritty. They have both worked extensively with Beat generation poets such as Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs, and the mixture between art and poetry and the influence of Situationist theorist Guy Debord in their work, align them with Each x Other’s concept of ‘living art.’ The garments form black backdrops for his vividly coloured flowers, which cut through the darkness in hues of magenta, purple and blue. It is a simultaneously tough and tender collection: leather jackets are offset with silk dresses, and graphic jerseys with blouses. Military and Sailor uniforms are reinvented: materials are fused with dip-dye finishing and Each x Other code poetry by the brand’s in-house poet Robert Montgomery comes embroidered onto the fabrics with poems as SLAVE TO LOVE and core brand slogan “SAFE AND WARM HERE IN THE FIRE OF EACH OTHER.”

All collaborations present the Each x Other brand message of unity, love and strength. The clothes contain elements from the four corners of the world, and harness strength and identity from all cultures. They form a blueprint for those who wish to define themselves on who they are, rather than who they are not. In a world where boundaries and borders are cast aside, we are free to be whoever we want and to identify with aesthetics belonging to ethnic groups all over the world. We are Each x Other.

With fabrics that speak the poetry of the body and shades that romanticise the retro vibe, it’s easy to deem the collection feminine and simple. However, the duo’s edgy fusion with rebellious cuts and shapes, instils the collection with an androgynous streak and embeds it in modernity. The gender- fluidity of the collection makes it feel refreshing and young. This is the future of fashion – we don’t strive for genderless clothes but gender- filled ones.

This season the collection comes in strong pastel colors mixed with military green and black with splashes of metallic, shiny fabrics and sequins. The designs range from fine tailoring to casual retro sport influences. Sequin and velvet suits are juxtaposed with plaid, pinstripe, tartan and hounds tooth patterns layered with oral and typography prints.

Soft cuts resembling 19th century dresses mixed with the cuts donned by 70s rebels, to give the collection a feel of freedom: fashion doesn’t feel dusty, defined or limited by time, but opened up by it. Sporty influences mixed with sweet knitted finishes make this collection anything but dull. Each x Other breaks the unwritten rules of fashion, by writing their own rules – the rules of never conforming.

The collection includes statement goat hair jackets in strong pastels, oral prints and color fades. Navy blue denim collars, sailor tops, dresses and Each x Other DNA preppy mariner stripes meet military twill-wool jackets with contrasting patches and pockets, pilot bombers and duffel jackets.

This collection is as if all our childhood heroines met and mixed their wardrobes together – princess Leia of Star Wars, meeting the introvert from The Breakfast Club, Sailor Moon and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This collection makes us our own heroines – ready to break down the rules of what women should be. We’re genderless, fearless and limitless.