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Davide Bertocchi uses imagery drawn from music  and science and manipulates it by imposing unusual and intimate perspectives. His body of work includes video, sculpture and sound installations, and mainly deals with pseudoscientific phenomena such as the dissipation of energy and the movement of information through the “support mechanisms” of CDs, DVDs, records, and magnetic tapes, or the orbital movements of planets and galaxies. The subtle revolutionary movement that has such a marked existential and enigmatic impact on our everyday lives. 

Davide Bertocchi’s collection for Each x Other  plays with one of his most well known works a series of sculptures entitled “memorials.” These pieces work with the material of vinyl records. Song titles inscribed in marble act as a witness to the memories that culture and music carry from one generation to another. 

The collection uses the artist’s interest in music and  science as the basis for a transformation of how we consider the vinyl record. LPS are omnipresent and are printed on cashmere sweaters and rendered in badge form. As we wear and observe these pieces of clothing, the impact of the disc reaches us on a tangible and visual level as opposed to simply auditory, allowing the record to reach us on a wholly new level. Geometry is a key visual, with circular discs and rectilinear tartan providing a strong graphic effect across shirts, coats and cardi-gans. The key colors of black, white and green are arresting, emphasizing the power of the vinyl record both as an aesthetic object and as a carrier of meaning and memory that lies at the core of Bertocchi’s art.