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Daniele Innamorato expresses his art with great expenditure of creative energy, adopting different materials on which he exercises a strong dexterity, everything takes on an intense emotional force and expressive power.

Innamorato reference to the erotic dimension and to the "physical relationship with matter", but also to painting as an "erotic act". The eroticism derives from the passion that Innamorato puts into action with the materials, in the huge space of his studio, to work on large or very large. Large canvases on which sprays the painting in a progressive agitation that becomes almost panic and naturally involves the whole body.

In 2017 Innamorato held a solo-exhibition in a three stories space ni Marseille. The title of the exhibition Like No Tomorrow wants to be an invitation to a full enjoyment of life, to the intense life of the present. His curator Giorgio Verzzotti underlines the almost dramatic urgency that the artist feels as he paints. It is always casual what he does because everything depends on the immediate, intuitive, irrational gesture. At the same time one can die that nothing is random because everything is foreseen, or better foreshadowed in his head.

Another element that emerges in the artist's works is that of "production waste", "leftovers", "remnants of the real". The "production" rejects are almost always reused to compose other works, as in the case of collages, they are literally assimilated in the work

An immediately perceptible aspect of Daniele Innamorato's works is color. Color has a fundamental function in his work and is expressed with great generosity, in paintings, as it is easy to guess, but also in collages made with the overlapping of numerous layers of irregular cut-outs or in books with completely saturated pages of painting.