The City directed by Rémi Ferrante & Florence Leoni




Introducing The City, the free-spirited filmic collaboration between French director Rémi Ferrante and Scottish poet and artist Robert Montgomery. Starring Alice Aufray and featuring styling by Each x Other (who share a rich working relationship with both Rémi
and Robert), this short film is a visual interpretation of one of Robert’s own poems, a poem he constructed, not on paper, but as a monumentally-scaled light-installation. This straddling of the line between art and poetry is mirrored in this film as it merges elements of the aesthetic and the narrative. The camera pans over the city and the body with the same smooth gaze, revealing their interwoven identities to the rhythm of Robert’s words; the city is growing around us, and we are free inside it.


Director Rémi Ferrante & Florence Léoni
Actors Alice Aufray, Robert Montgomery & Emma Champtaloup
Artistic Direction Each x Other
Styling Each x Other SS14
Music Livio Mosca

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