Orders and Degrees directed by Thomas Lélu


Hands brush against one another, and then they part. “Can I come in?”… In orders and degrees, artist and director Thomas Lélu gives us the second installment of his trilogy exploring the confusion that comes part and parcel with emotion. Following the first film, which captured the enchantment of the first meeting, comes a sudden disillusion; a doubt that renders the relationship uncertain, along with the outside perception that the world around us holds – the idea that we were initially formed outside of the state of being in love. The idyllic, almost symbolic setting of the romantic park is replaced by harsh reality: the sprawling city that lies in incessant flux. ellipses and loops twist towards the unknown; in the silence of words, everything is articulated. Roxane mesquida, at once determined and lost, brings us along with her and her sensitivities.

This short film is put into motion under the new title Orders and Degrees by Peter von Poehl.


Director Thomas Lélu
Actors Roxane Mesquida, Marc Ruchmann
Artistic Direction Each x Other
Styling Each x Other SS14
Music Peter von Poehl

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