Hollowness directed by Yi Zhou

Yi Zhou’s latest short film entitled Hollowness has been selected to 2013 Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner which will take place in Cannes from May 15th to 26th, 2013. Hollowness defines the present tense of our lives, right now, right at this moment. The impact of social media has washed the old and has brought new energies and new vanities into our lives. Social media has also brought a new sort of virtual democracy; a utopian democracy where all becomes the same: everything, everybody, every habit becomes alike, every news becomes newsworthy on a personal level until the followers level.
Hollowness also emphasizes the hollowness of our feelings and emotions in the age of social media. Technology has taken over most machines. Today everything tends to merge into one. Special effects used in the film are inspired by what one can obtain on smartphone apps, in order to portray “today.”
In this short film, Yi Zhou mirrors these concepts and sensations. For this reason, the film is a mixture of celebrities, musicians, dancers, bloggers, psychoanalysts, everyday people, kids, royalty, film crew, djs, and more.

This film was commissioned by Each x Other, the French brand that devoted a collection inspired by Yi Zhou’s 3D animated work. When Yi Zhou first thought about the words “each other,” it brought to mind a togetherness of people, objects, places, and different stages of emotion that would gather together in an anachronological order. Like following the sequences and the disorder that one can perceive in a dream, randomness and unconsciousness mix together. Just like a free-style musical or improvisational dance, in Hollowness, these strangers; real people and fictional characters all come together. This is what Yi Zhou calls a new democracy, the one you can only find in the social media arena.

Yi Zhou will also be available for interviews or shootings in Cannes from May 20th to May 23rd. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have attendance or publication requests.

FEATURING Alessandra d’Urso, Alix Thomsen, Anthony Graham, Aurélien Heilbronn, Brooke Geahan, Clotilde Courau, Coco Dolle, Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, Greg Boust, Ilan Delouis, Jamieson Webster, Jenny Mannerheim, John C. Kirby, Judith Grynszpan, Lily Kwong, Mia Moretti, Mila Geisler, Noor K. Asfour, Paula Goldstein, Petra Hanson, Simon Nygard, William Akira Takahashi, Yasmine Dubois, Yi Zhou.

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